The Mirror On India

We are the mirror of the way in which India enjoys its rich and diverse cuisines. The key features are:

  • The diversity of the cuisines

    India is in effect a continent with 16 different languages and cultures. The cuisines are equally diverse and as far apart from each other as different European cuisines. As a result the best food from a particular region of India is generally prepared by a specialist from that region. We therefore limit the cuisines we serve to those where our chefs have direct expert knowledge

  • The sources of the best Indian food

    Unlike much of European, and far eastern cuisine, the best Indian food is not found in conventional restaurants in India, but in peoples’ homes, Maharajas palaces, and humble wayside stalls. Namita and Camellia Panjabi travelled the length and breadth of India to secure recipes from traditional cooks, and build on them. (click the creators for details) therefore our dishes are generally not available in conventional restaurants in India let alone in the UK.

  • The cooking processes

    The flavours of real Indian food in Indian homes are generated by complex combinations of freshly prepared spice mixes prepared freshly and ground individually for each dish using special stone grinders. These are then cooked in a carefully orchestrated sequence. We prepare these dishes authentically in the same manner, with no short cuts. Specialist whole spices are imported from India to maintain quality and freshness

This is very different from the vast majority of curry houses in Britain, started by enterprising non-indian entrepreneurs who developed their own unique brand of curry totally different from the tastes of real indian food, and which do not follow the above principles.

So join us on a delicious journey of unique culinary discovery

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Cookbook feature

Mix Cultural Indian Food in Thalis

Camellia Panjabi’s legendary cookbook, the 50 great curries of India, has now sold over 1 million copies, the highest sales of any Indian cookbook in the world.

It provides illuminating explanations of the philosophy behind the food to descriptions of exotic spices and the intricacies of cooking a curry.

This is invaluable both for cooks unfamiliar with Indian food and for connoisseurs.

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