Masala Zone Catering

With our unique range of restaurants within the Group, and price levels, we are able to cater for a very wide variety of special events and budgets in venues outside  the restaurants.

We bring together the culinary and management skills from across the whole company, including numerous  specialised Indian chefs.

We are constantly creating exciting dishes covering the whole gamut of Indian food from the streets of India, to the palaces; from traditional to modern; styling from traditional to cutting edge.

We can cater for example for large receptions, large parties in your home, for sizeable wedding functions. We tailor our services to your requirements and your budget. We have arrangements with a number of venues.

We are able to provide waiters, table decorations etc so as to give you a complete service.  We can also just supply food through our highly regarded delivery service

To make your life simple, we provide you with one contact point for all our restaurants irrespective of the price level, or requirement.

For catering enquiries please give us initial information by clicking here.

We will respond rapidly.

Group Bookings

If you find it difficult to find a fine restaurant for a large group of diners, we will be able to help. We are flexible when it comes to booking a large group and we are happy to help you plan your group event.

We are able to handle efficiently large tour gropus & incentive groups. We can also offer suitable packages for student groups.

For group enquiries, click here.

Food Delivery Online

Eat out Zone - Outside Catering - Delivery Services

Try Our Great Online Food Delivery Service

We uniquely deliver the same fine real Indian food as served in our acclaimed Masala Zone restaurants

You just need to live or work within about 1.5 miles of one of our restaurants

We deliver our fine food hot & speedily

We offer free delivery on orders over £20
Order online& check out any current online offers
or phone 020 7370 7000