The Real Taste of India

Masala means spice – the very heart and soul of Indian cooking.

The best Indian food is found in gourmet homes, on street stalls, or Maharaja’s palaces, and not in restaurants in India. These are prepared with an array of freshly ground spices combined in special sequence.

We are unusual in bringing this to the restaurant table. This is the result of the efforts of Namita Panjabi, co-owner and Director of cuisine – and her sister Camellia, who are leading authorities on Indian food. They have travelled all over India to find it.

They have honed the talents of many specialist chefs to give a unique combination of the best real Indian food as eaten in India. No curry house food  here!

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The Best Indian Cook Book

Camellia Panjabi’s legendary cookbook, the 50 Great Curries of India, has now sold over 1.25 million copies, the best selling Indian cookbook in the world.

It provides illuminating explanations of the philosophy behind the food , descriptions of exotic spices & the intricacies of cooking a curry.

It is invaluable both for cooks new to Indian food, and  connoisseurs.

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Gift Vouchers

What better way to give a present than a gift voucher to eat delicious food at any one of our restaurants- not just masala zones.

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The Nature of Real Indian Food

The diversity of the cuisines

India is  a continent with 16 different languages and cultures. The cuisines are equally diverse. As a result the best food from  is generally prepared by a specialist from that region. We therefore limit the cuisines we serve to those where our chefs have direct expert knowledge.

The cooking processes

The flavours of real Indian food are created by complex combinations of freshly prepared spice mixes  ground individually for each dish using special stone grinders. These are then cooked in a carefully orchestrated sequence.
We prepare these dishes authentically in the same manner, with no short cuts. Specialist whole spices are imported from India to maintain quality and freshness.
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All Round Goodness

Food is more than fuel or titillation. It is foundation on which we build our body’s future. Our fast paced lives make it  difficult to eat healthily. We help counter this through fresh ingredients, relatively little oil, &  the Thalis.

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