Key Menu Items

The menus, which vary by restaurant, present a unique range of the genuine tastes of India:

  • The Thali – a complete healthy balanced meal. The way traditional India eats at home.
  • Real Indian Street Food – fresh & bursting with flavour. We are the London pioneers of Indian Street Food
  • Sophisticated Indian Grills with complex marinades
  • Genuine delicious regional curries made properly
  • Light lunch dishes including Chicken Tikka wraps
  • Seductive genuine Indian desserts, made uniquely by our own specialist Indian dessert chefs (“Halwais”)

Come for an unrivalled range of genuine delicious Indian food. Our food is totally different from local British curry houses – no Chicken Tikka Masala here!

We do not publish menus as they are constantly changing; our regional chefs create new dishes regularly. However, this & other pages give a good view of our wide range of food.

A 2 course meal with wine and service is about  ranges from £31 to £35 per head based on location. 

All our food is halal.

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Seductive Indian Desserts

Desserts include homemade Kulfis (Indian ice cream), Rasmalai (milk patties in a creamy milk sauce with saffron), Falooda (a fun Indian sundae). Plus  good Western desserts.

Prices start from £4.80 based on location

Sophisticated Indian Grills

Our selection of Indian grills are perfect for those who want to eat completely light with light spice. These include Chicken Tikka, Grilled Prawns, Grilled Mutton Chops, & a fine Mixed Grill

Prices start from £12.00 based on location

Real Indian Street Food Pioneers

A cornerstone of our food. We pioneered in bringing street food into London restaurants

An unrivalled array of original local delights from India’s roadside eateries

Relished for their unique, one-of a kind taste which you can never quite replicate. Have one, or some, or make a meal of it.

Prices start from £4.95 for starter portions based on location

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Thalis from Indian Homes

A cornerstone of our menu, with vegetables changing daily

The Thali is a stainless steel platter with 4ozs of curry plus little bowls of different dishes for a complete meal.

A healthy balance of different proteins, grains, raw & cooked food,  & green & root veggies.

Less meat & more veggies & proteins compared to conventional Western diets

Prices start from £14.75 based on location

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Genuine Regional Curries

No stereotypes.  No curry house fare here!

Enjoy our adventurous curries, from our own unique collection from India’s varied regional cuisines. With freshly ground spices for that ultimate curry experience for  genuine Indian food lovers.

Indian classics, such as Butter Chicken, Prawn Malai (infused with coconut),  genuine Lamb Roghan Josh, lesser known dishes such as Undhiyo ( the celebratory Gujarati vegetarian dish) & a subtle Saffron Korma.

Prices average £11.00 based on location