Real Indian Street Food

We pioneered in bringing street food to the London restaurant table. We have an unrivalled array of these dishes. One of India’s culinary glories is its comforting, seductive street food which offer a myriad of flavours.

Almost every street corner is lined with mobile food vendors (restaurants-on-wheels) selling sumptuous snack delicacies. It is a way of life for people of all income groups who relish the irresistible rich tapestry of flavours these snacks have to offer.

There are rows of street food hawkers cooking and selling these delectable delicacies before your eyes in any busy street in India. There is something magical about such food cooked in the open.

Indian street food is mouthwatering. These dishes fire the appetite; the aromas awaken the senses.

Our street food  is prepared in our open dispense kitchen in full view of customers- although not quite the same as being on the streets of India. These can be eaten either as a starter, or as grazing food.

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Something to whet your appetite

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Some street food dishes we serve

Prices start from £4.25 for starter portions

Tangy crunchy salad with puffed rice, vegetables peanuts, and chutneys

Sev Puri
Whole wheat biscuits filled with spiced mash and three fresh chutneys

Dahi Puri
Puffed hollow biscuits filled with chick peas mash and splashed with yoghurt and chutneys

Gol Guppa
Lentil and tamarind stuffed wholewheat biscuits; fill them with the spicy dressing and pop whole into the mouth warm

Pau Bhaji
Spicy potato mash and veg with warm bread

Aloo Tikki Chaat
Spiced mash cake with yoghurt and chutney

Chana Dabalroti
Tangy chickpea curry, lotus root with hunks of toasted bread – famous Sindhi dish

Curried chick peas chicken or vegetable

Shikampuri Kebab
Minced lamb patties stuffed with herbs

Gosht Dabalroti
Another Sindhi favourite; A rich lamb curry with hunks of toasted bread, freshly topped with herbs and crunchy sev