Thalis – Traditional Indian Home food

We have uniquely made the Thali a cornerstone of the menu. It is a stainless steel platter with little bowls consisting of a wide variety of different dishes providing nutrition, texture, flavours and colours for a complete meal. These Thalis include the aromatic and healthy ingredients long identified in India as having cleansing and repairing properties.

The Grand Thali

It is equal to a starter and main course combined. It comprises a Canapé,  a choice of  curry, 2 vegetables (one green and one root), Dal (lentil), Raita (yoghurt), Indian salad, Papadum & Chutney, freshly-made whole wheat Chapatti (Indian bread) & Rice. The Grand Thali menu changes daily for all items except for the curries. Prices average £17.50 based on location

The Regular Thali

It does not have the Canape, Raita, Kachumber. Customers also need to choose between Chapatti & Rice. Prices average £14.75 based on location

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Something to whet your appetite

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Thalis – the key features

The Thali varies by the region of India. The Guajarati Thali has Farsan (Guajarati vegetarian canapes), vegetables, Dal, Chapati, rice, salad & pickles. In the south the emphasis is on rice specialities & vegetables.

The Thali we serve combine the Guajarati and North Indian Thalis.

The Thali is the product of several key age-old aspects of Indian life:

  • The importance of nutritionally balanced meals
  • An interest in a variety of flavours and textures
  • The need for portion control to avoid overeating and ensure nutritional balance
  • An aversion to sharing food from communal serving dishes.

The etiquette of eating the Thali

Spoon a small portion of food from an individual dish into the area next to the rice, and then combine it with the rice. Repeat this process in sequence. This enables the flavour of each dish to be appreciated individually. Do not either mix more than one dish simultaneously with the rice, or mix the rice in the individual bowls. Chapattis are eaten with the food by using a piece of chapatti to scoop the food from one of the dishes.