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Group enjoying their meal
Group enjoying their meal

Some Street Food Dishes We Serve

Prices start from £4.95 for starter portions based on location

  • Bhel

    Tangy crunchy salad with puffed rice, vegetables peanuts, and chutneys

  • Sev Puri

    Whole wheat biscuits filled with spiced mash and three fresh chutneys

  • Dahi Puri

    Puffed hollow biscuits filled with chick peas mash and splashed with yoghurt and chutneys

  • Gol Guppa

    Lentil and tamarind stuffed wholewheat biscuits; fill them with the spicy dressing and pop whole into the mouth warm

  • Pau Bhaji

    Spicy potato mash and veg with warm bread

  • Aloo Tikki Chaat

    Spiced mash cake with yoghurt and chutney

  • Chana Dabalroti

    Tangy chickpea curry, lotus root with hunks of toasted bread – famous Sindhi dish

  • Samosas

    Curried chick peas chicken or vegetable

  • Shikampuri Kebab

    Minced lamb patties stuffed with herbs

  • Gosht Dabalroti

    Another Sindhi favourite; A rich lamb curry with hunks of toasted bread, freshly topped with herbs and crunchy sev.