Group enjoying their meal
Group enjoying their meal


  • The Thali varies by the region of India

    The Guajarati Thali has Farsan (Guajarati vegetarian canapes), vegetables, Dal, Chapati, rice, salad & pickles. In the south the emphasis is on rice specialities & vegetables. The Thali we serve combine the Guajarati and North Indian Thalis.

  • Rooted in Indian life

    The Thali is the product of several key age-old aspects of Indian life:
    - The importance of nutritionally balanced meals
    - An interest in a variety of flavours and textures
    - The need for portion control to avoid overeating and ensure nutritional balance
    - An aversion to sharing food from communal serving dishes.

  • The Grand Thali

    It is equal to a starter and main course combined. It comprises a Canapé,  a choice of  curry, 2 vegetables (one green and one root), Dal (lentil), Raita (yoghurt), Indian salad, Papadum & Chutney, freshly-made whole wheat Chapatti (Indian bread) & Rice. The Grand Thali menu changes daily for all items except for the curries. Prices average £17.50 based on location

  • The Regular Thali

    It does not have the Canape, Raita, Kachumber. Customers also need to choose between Chapatti & Rice. Prices average £14.75 based on location