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The many cuisines of India

Diversity of

In short, the best regional food in India can only be made by a specialty chef from the same region.

All round

Slow cooked food, in a fast paced world... we use only the freshest ingredients, cut back on the oil.


Magnificent sea coasts, lush lagoons, fertile paddy fields, and stunning highlands, with a cuisine to match.


Originated from the kitchens of the ancient Indian aristocracy or the Moghul emperors, and includes famous dishes.


A fertile land with a bold rustic cuisine has emerged – from villages, roadside eateries, farms and small towns.


One of the best kept culinary secrets, a fusion of the cuisine of the Moghul court with frontiers of southern India.


Arabian, Portuguese and native cultures is reflected in the cuisine of Goa, which is a unique blend of richness and simplicity.