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Kerala Food


Gujarati cuisine refers to the cuisine of the people from the state of Gujarat in the west region of India. It is predominantly vegetarian.

Staples include salad, homemade pickles, Khichdi (rice and lentil or rice and mung dal), and Chaas (buttermilk). Main dishes are based on steamed vegetables and dals that are added to a which is a mixture of spices sterilized in hot oil (Vaghaar,) that is adjusted for the digestive qualities of the main ingredient.

Salt, sugar, lemon, lime, and tomato are used frequently to prevent dehydration in a region where temperatures reach 50c (120f) under the shade. It is common to add a little sugar or jaggery. The sweet flavour of these dishes is believed to neutralize the slightly salty taste of the water.

Sweets made from such ingredients as local sugar cane, jaggery, milk, almonds, and pistachios were originally served at weddings and family occasions as an instant energy booster for relatives travelling long distances to attend these functions. They are now being enjoyed every day by those with sedentary occupations!