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Kerala Food


Lucknow was where the finest, most elaborate and delicate food was prepared and served.

The courts of the princes of Lucknow, in north India, were famous for the quality of cultural life in the nineteenth and early twentieth century – for architecture, dance, poetry, etiquette, the art of dressing, and above all the art of entertaining.

Recipes by aristocratic families were fiercely guarded and large numbers of speciality cooks were employed by each family. Lucknow was famous for its Pulaos, Kormas (thicker curries), Qaliyas (thinner curries) and Saalans (meat and vegetables cooked together). The lentils of this region are also exceptional.

The most famous dishes of Lucknow are the kebabs. They are delicately spiced and in various textures, all cooked on griddles or the charcoal fire.