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Kerala Food


Delhi is the home of Mughlai cuisine which originated from the kitchens of the ancient Indian aristocracy or the Moghul emperors.

This cuisine dominates in the northern part of India. It has strong influences of Muslim cooking and some of the dishes still keep their Muslim names such as Kebabs, Kofta, Pulao, Biryani etc.

The Mughals invaded India in the sixteenth century. They brought exotic spices, dried fruits and nuts and new cooking methods. Mughlai dishes as they are called have much milk and cream combined with spices. Mughlai cuisine includes many famous dishes such as Kormas, Pasandas Biryanis and Pulaos.

Mughlai food is rich in taste. Its sauces consist of curd, cream and crushed nuts like cashew combined with aromatic spices and ghee (clarified butter ).