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Kerala Food

Restaurant Art Covent Garden

Covent garden’s ceilings are transformed with hundreds of puppets from Rajasthan suspended from the ceiling – in positions of frozen animation.

The theme for this vibrant display is a royal wedding in Rajasthan. Indian weddings are an extravagant and colourful celebration, with royal weddings as traditionally the most elaborate.

The centre piece is the meeting of the processions of the bride and bride groom blessed by their respective parents, with the bride groom on the traditional white horse.

The display has a galaxy of priests, other royalty, companions, priests, elephants, flower sellers, bangles sellers, acrobats, musicians, dancers, jugglers, camels, astrologers, clowns, snake charmers, warriors, girls on Indian swings, cooks, children, and crowds…

The display was choreographed by our interior design team led by assisted by Simon Buckley, one of UK’s leading puppeteers.

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